Global Sunrise and Sunset Calendar

In addition to utilizing the sunrise and sunset calendar, this site also has the following handy resources:

  • Global Clock
  • Time Zone Converter and Map
  • Calendar including Worldwide Holiday Calendar
  • Worldwide Weather with up to a two week forecast
  • Travel and Distance Calculators


Global Weather

Global Weather Forecast

Use this trusted resource to stay on top of local and global weather forecast.  This is also a very trusted site to access radars and severe weather alerts.


 My Wedding Weather by The Weather Channel

This resource is very easy to set up.  All that’s required are the first names of the couple, wedding date, indication of outdoor or destination wedding and time of the event.  You will then have your own personal wedding weather page.  Here are some of the page features you will be privy to:

  • Wedding day and evening forecast that switches to hourly forecast 48 hours prior to your event
  • Ability to add up to ten (10) wedding related events that will populate weather for each specific event based on date and time
  • You may have a typical planning calendar.  However, My Wedding Weather will generate a checklist with the weather in mind!


Global Tidal Predictions

This is a key resource for viewing global tidal predictions.  Don’t chance planning a gorgeous beach wedding to return to a location of no beach due to high tide.  For the geek in you :), Wikipedia has an awesome explanation of understanding tidal predictions here.  If you’re planning on hitting the waves, or for your winter wedding, skiing excursions, the makers of this site also have these two resourceful sister sites:

United States Passport Requirements

You will need a passport if you’re traveling outside of the United States or United States territories (Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and the Northern Marianas).  Visit Travel.State.Gov for complete information on Passport and Passport Card requirements.


Department of Homeland Security Travel Assistant

Our nation’s security travel process can be simple by preparing and knowing what to expect.  Visit the Travel Security Administration’s website for complete details.


U.S. Customs and Border Control

This is one handy little resource of things you should know before you go.